roumanoff.com is patched with openssh3.7p1

[Full-Disclosure] new ssh exploit? It was difficult because the configure option
is not explicit: should point to you openSSL installation directory, in fact it should point to your openssl include files, while you configure by another mean (LD_LIBRARY_PATH) the location of the library. This means the configure script doesn't take into account the particular version of openSSL I want to use. and I have to launch configure with
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/openssl/lib ./configure --with-ssl-dir=/path/to/openssl/include
make is alsmost no problem after you edit the Makefile to replace -L/path/to/openssl/include with -L/path/to/openssl/lib As far as I understand, the specified ssl-dir must contains both the include and lib dir at the same level.