Static Site Hosting

Everyday I found out about a new service provider for static site hosting, it seems that everyone and their dog is providing the service, the latest one, surge.sh seems to be doing everything I have been looking for in such a service. So it's probably time to actually list what features I am looking for in a static site hosting service:

  • command line update
  • Documented CDN
  • No constraints on file types
  • SSL subdomain
  • SSL custom domain
  • Some kind of source control system (integration with a git provider is ok)
  • Online editing (for chromebooks)
  • drag and drop updates (not required, but nice to have)
  • minimal monthly price (free is fine)
Another I looked at recently is cloud9, which originally was only a web IDE, but seems to have evolved to be a full blown vm provider as well where you can run any command you like (a la runnable.com) probably a bit toomuch for what I am after, but interesting none the less.


Juanjo said...

Sin duda este es un excelente hosting.
Buen artículo por cierto.

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lena said...
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