3 static web site hosting solutions - Day 2

Today I explored:

  • https://www.netlify.com/
    I couldn't get the git integration to work, but drag& drop was great, though they have both github and bitbucket integration
  • https://www.paperplane.io/
    You can login with twitter, facebook of github. The first one to support dropbox, great integration, simple, no docs but it just works! This is my favorite for the day, not because of feature, but because of its simplicity.
  • https://divshot.com/
    Very complete offering, drag&drop of zip files, or custom npm module, it supports environments and promotions between them. I couldn't find a way to restore previous version, but you can download them and redeploy. Though it is missing deploy form git. This is probably the most advanced offering I have explored so far.
URL https://www.netlify.com/ https://www.paperplane.io/ https://divshot.com/
Name netlify Paper Plane DivShot
Tag Line Because static sites are safer, faster, cheaper & simpler Radically simple static hosting. Blazing fast CDN, simple CLI deployment, hassle-free test environments. And much more.
Login GitHub, Bitbucket,email facebook, twitter, github gitHub, email
setup npm install netlify-cli -g dropbox npm install -g divshot-cli
create d&d or push or netlify deploy dropbox or github d&d or client
upload d&d or push or netlify deploy dropbox or push d&d or client
update d&d or push or netlify deploy dropbox or push d&d or client
Free Plan forever but logo forever
1st tier $9/month SSL
dynamic tracking no
url scheme http://*.netlify.com http://*.paperplane.io http://*.divshot.io/
http yes yes yes
https 1st Tier no 1st tier
CNAME yes 1st Tier 1st tier
CNAME https yes no 1st tier
notes can't make git work, but nice featureset, forms, proxy, redirect, oauth simple, just works, but no docs environment promotion
Chrome book compatible no no
deployed http://generators.netlify.com/#/ http://generators.paperplane.io/#/ http://generators.divshot.io/#/
Domain http://gen.roumanoff.com/


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